Cosmic Energy Meditation: What is Cosmic Energy? Cosmic Energy is a metaphysical life-driving force that has been named as ‘shakti’ or ‘prana’ in ancient Indian texts like Vedas. This free-flowing energy is said to be present everywhere from the celestial bodies to every living being’s existence. Our body, spirit, and mind find their way to survive and function due to this ever-present form of energy.  This energy has immense blissfulness and it is a source of liveliness. That is why cosmic energy meditation has been practiced from ancient days.

Why Do Cosmic Energy meditation?
  1. Cosmic energy meditation reduces restlessness and brings calming vibes. The calmness helps to rejuvenate our body’s vitals and helps to cope with the stressful environment.
  2. Cosmic energy meditations drive away negative thoughts and depressive mental conditions.
  3. Cosmic energy meditation, when done in a proper way, stabilizes the blood flow in the body and helps to deflate the chances of heart disease.
  4. The relaxing capability of cosmic energy meditation decreases the level of emergency hormones (like cortisol and adrenaline) which are responsible for stress-related disorders.
  5. This meditation increases concentration level, intellect, and clear thinking abilities.
How Do Cosmic Energy meditation Work?

According to our Vedas and Puranas, cosmic energy can be received through various methods of cosmic energy meditation. This energy enters our body through the brain or mind and then it gets itself distributed in our body vitals using various ‘shakti chakras’. Chakras are nothing but nine vital points in our body situated in nine different spots of our body including heart spine, belly button, and forehead. The more you meditate the more chakras you can open up. It is said that, if one can awaken all nine chakras, he/she will reach ‘Enlightment’.

How to Do Cosmic Energy meditation?

This special type of meditation does not need anything except mindfulness so anyone can include it in his/her life. Here are a few ways one can do cosmic energy meditation.

  1. Concentrative Meditation or doing meditative yoga poses: Choose a calm place away from the noise and busy environment. Sit in Lotus yoga pose and relax. Try to make your mind thought-free as long as possible. Increase the meditation time at your convenience.
  2. Pranayama: Practise various pranayama techniques as per your skill level at a fixed time every day. Be regular for more benefits.
  3. Controlling Negative Thoughts using Affirmative Notion towards Life: This is a serious lifestyle change that can transform your life, goals, and thinking process. From my personal experience, I can say, that this mindset reduces stress magically.

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