I have done innumerable articles on what to put on your face – this for dark circles, that for glow, and whatnot! But today here is an article on Things to not Apply on Face. Whatever you do or whatever skin problems you might have, never ever put these on your face Care no matter what happens.

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# 1 Hair spray

 Some people might believe that this may help you set your makeup the same way it sets your hair!It might but the lacquer and alcohol in the hair spray are disastrous for your skin making your skin look older and haggard.

Stuff you should never put on face 2

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# 2 Hair Colour

 If you want your eyebrows to match with your haircolor go for a skin friendly vegetable hair dye that can do the job and at the same time avoid depositing harsh chemicals on your skin which can even affect your eye sight.

Stuff you should never put on face 3

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# 3 Body Lotions

Have a lotion that smells of nuts and strawberries and everything nice that you could imagine??? Well even if you do doesn’t risk smearing it on or even near your facial skin EVER!!!

Body lotions are designed to be fragrant and are way thicker than your facial skin can handle causing breakouts and the fragrant ingredients might lead to rashes!

victorias secret strawberries and champagne hand and body lotion review

# 4 Hair Serums

 Lemme guess? Does the soft and velvety texture of your hair SERUM tempt you to rub some on your skin??Never do that!Your hair serum is designed to make your hair all wavy and beautiful but that’s no reason why you should be using it instead of your face SERUM.

Stuff you should never put on face 4

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# 5 Shampoos

If you are in the shower and you feel like washing your face with shampoo you might need to rethink it again.The shampoo is made to make your hair free of all dirt and grime but it’s more than what your skin can take making it dry and flakyTip- always washes your face Care after you have a shower so that no shampoo remnants are clinging to your skin!

Stuff you should never put on face

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Never apply these to your skin!Your skin is worth so much more 🙂

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