Easy Home Remedies for Insomnia: Also called Sleep Deprivation There is nothing like a good night’s sleep! But what if you can’t sleep after that hectic day at the office?? What if you feel lethargic the next day? That’s when the trouble starts. While sleep is the cure for many of our ailments, lack of it can be the reason for ruining your health! Here are some tips on how to sleep like a top throughout the night 🙂

Dry Out Your Eyes

If you have trouble Insomnia Home Remedies nodding off to bed try standing in front of the ac or fan and let the air dry out your eyes. This will make the eyes heavy causing them to shut off easily.

Tired Eyes

Try blinking your eyes continuously and quickly in order to tire them out for 10 minutes or more. Tired eyes will instantly close and help you sleep right away.

Chill Pill

Make your room cool enough and find yourself drifting off to sleep. A cooler bedroom helps to lower your body temperature and further relax you causing sleepiness.


Add a few drops of your favorite perfume /essential oil in your washing and linen so that the next time you slip into your bed you can smell the lovely lavender on your sheets. A nice fragrance helps to soothe the brain and help you sleep faster and better.

Dark Room

 If you are having a nap in the daytime because you are tired but find it difficult to sleep just draw those blinds. A dark room indicates that its night time and this helps the brain to send signals to your body that it’s sleeping time.

Unplug Chargers

 If you have any irritating lights of the computer or chargers which are blinking away then shut them off immediately. The glow of these gadgets can actually disturb you and make it hard for you to sleep.

Cut Off Coffee

Yes you need to cut down that heaven in a mug as that could be your culprit. The caffeine in the coffee is a drug which robs away your sleep. It’s preferable to stop caffeine intake after 2-3.pm

Read Before Going to Bed

A nice read of your favorite classic could be just the thing for you. If you are a book lover it’s even better. Reading again makes you feel drowsy. Read until you feel sleepy or heavy headed.

Eye Mask

It cuts off all sources of light and forces your eyes to stay shut. When you can’t really open your eyes you will be forced to fall asleep. No choice!

Concentrate On Your Breathing

Close your eyes and simply pay attention to the sound of your breathing. Focus on them and slowly you will lose all focus – it always works for me and I can safely call it the best technique by far (my personal favorite).

Warm Milk and Honey

If you are not lactose intolerant, try this simple thing. Around half an hour before going to bed, drink half a cup of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey in it. You will find yourself drifting off to dreamland in minutes ;)Except these pointers you should always keep your pets off your bed, chose the correct mattress, drink less water after 8 pm and stretch before you sleep.

I hope this helps you sleep better and you get your shot of beauty sleep 🙂

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