Should you Wash Your Hair every day? Personal hygiene is a big thing for us. The habit of staying clean is not only essential to keep our body free from various infections but also to increase our confidence and ‘presentability’. It is a good practice to cleanse our body’s skin daily by taking shower. But, being a cluster of dead cells, our hair is susceptible to damage. On average, our hair grows 6-8 inches in a year. It takes at least 3-4 years to reach the hair from the root to the waist length. If we do the vigorous process of hair washing every single day, the already weak molecules of the hair ends would get damaged more and more. Shocking.. Isn’t it? Want some more reasons to train yourself to cope with dirty and messy hair? Read on!

# Less Washing Means Less Chemical in Your System

Most of the popular and easily available store-bought hair washes and conditioners are filled with different harmful chemicals. The limitless use of detergent based cleanser like sulphates, preservatives like parabens and smoothening agents like silicones is increasing day by day. Not all of us can manage time to make DIY hair care at home. So, these chemical based products will stay there in our shower-shelf. But, we can certainly reduce the frequency of hair washes to avoid at least some of the adverse effects.

# You might be Degrading the Texture of Your Hair by Over-washing

Unless you have the most active lifestyle, your hair doesn’t need more than 2-3 washes per week. If you are used to shampoo your hair more than that you might like to reconsider your current hair cleansing schedule. Unlike the body skin, the hair strands do not have natural oil producing mechanism. The more you strip off the moisture from your hair by washing, the more vulnerable your hair will be towards drying and damaging prospects like friction etc. Dryness is one major cause of split-ends.

# Freshly Washed Hair is not that Good for Styling

Many of us have to use various hair styling products like mousse, hair spray and what not to make a particular hairstyle last longer. The main job of these styling products is to increase adherence of your hair strands with each other. The sebum from your scalp automatically makes the unwashed hair to stick together. So, why are you wasting time and money on something artificial? You just need to start increasing the interval between two hair washes and style your hair in accordance!

# Want to Reduce the Frequency of Heavy Oiling?

Our scalp has its own mechanism of secreting an oily substance that we call sebum. Sebum is the most natural way to keep the hair moisturized. When we comb or massage our hair, sebum gets spreads into the hair fairly. It takes at least 2 days of time to generate enough sebum to nourish mmid-lengthhair. Even since I started to give my hair 2-3 days of rest between two washes, I need less number of oil massages and overnight oiling treatments. Hair has become manageable to some extent as well.

# Make the Heat Styling & Hair Colour Last Longer

We all know how damaging heat styling and hair coloring can be. Still, we sometimes feel the urge to look our best in some special events and those styling tools come handy at such times. The effects of straightening irons and curling wands last until we wash our hair. Unwashed hair keeps the style intact for at least 4 days. In the mean time hair becomes saturated with natural oil that on the other hand prevents frizziness. Too much shampooing decreases the lasting power of grey covering hair colours or highlights. My mom has now learnt to keep her hair from washing every day. This practice has made her hair colour stay for 5-6 weeks in place of only 3 weeks.

# Limiting Hair Wash Limits Product Build-up

When we use thick and creamy shampoos, conditioners and styling products, some part of them forms a layer in your scalp forming product build-up. This built-up layer often houses fungus and bacteria those cause havoc on scalp’s internal and external health. Plus, product build-up prevents the nutrients we are feeing our scalp by the means of conditioning and oiling treatments cannot work as they should. Infrequency in hair wash routine might cause less volume and limpness but it certainly acts as a preventive measure for product build-up. So, not washing your hair everyday might be a clever choice in the long run. What’s say guys!

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