Which are the Best Handwashes in India in 2019 ? : Handwashes are a day-to-day essential when it comes to personal hygiene. Our palms have comparatively rougher skin than the rest of the hands and palms do not have oil glands. So, the palms cannot keep themselves naturally moisturized by secreting sebum like our facial skin. Palms are often exposed to harshness as we tend to do tougher and skin-damaging jobs with them. Plus, we eat and do other tasks that require hygiene maintenance. We wash our hands with soap several times a day which can be damaging to the skin. To prevent dryness and skin damage a good quality purifying and moisturizing handwash needs to be a top priority of any individual. Here are some amazing handwashes available in India.

  1. Dettol Liquid Handwash

Dettol is a well-known name in personal hygiene for its antibacterial liquid. This brand has a budget-friendly hand wash range. These hand washes provide anti-bacterial actions without drying out the skin. This range has 4 variants namely skin care, cool, original, and sensitive. Each of the variants targeted various skin types and needs.

Price- Rs.54 for 175ml (bigger sizes are also available)

  1. Palmolive Naturals & Palmolive Foaming Hand Wash

Colgate-Palmolive brand has some mild anti-germ hand washes in their Naturals and Foaming ranges. The Naturals range handwashes are gentler and have low foaming formula. This range has two variants; Deep Cleansing Seaweed and Black Orchid and Milk. The Foaming range offers squeaky clean skin and gets rid of oily residues of impurities. This range also has two variants; Lime & Mint and Raspberry.

Price- Rs.89 for 250ml (Naturals range) & Rs.140 for 250ml (Foaming range)

Which are the Best Handwashes in India in 2019 ? 2

  1. Lifebuoy Hand Wash

If you love foaming handwashes that provide squeaky clean hands this is your shot. This hand wash is easily available and pocket-friendly; available in various sizes. It has a mild fragrance and does not dry out the skin. It has six variants; Total 10, Total 10 silver, Mild care, Cool, Nature, and Lemon fresh.

Price- Rs.46 for 185ml (smaller and bigger sizes are also available)

Which are the Best Handwashes in India in 2019 ? 6

  1. Dove Nourishing Hand Wash

Dove’s hand wash range is a new addition in the hand wash arena. This range has non-foaming moisture-replenishing washes for dry hands. This is among the mildest hand washes available in India. Just like Dove shampoos these hand washes also have moisturizing cream 1/4th of the formula. Dove hand washes are available in Cucumber & Green tea, Deeply nourishing, and Shea butter & Warm vanilla variants.

Price- Rs.97 for 250ml

Which are the Best Handwashes in India in 2019 ? 5

  1. Lux Hand Wash

Lux has recently come up with 3 essential oil-based nourishing hand washes. The variants are Bergamot Delight, Magic spell, and Tempting Whisper. Gentle cleansing formula and rich fragrance are the main themes of these hand washes.

Price- Rs.95 for 190ml

Which are the Best Handwashes in India in 2019 ? 1

  1. Savlon Hand Wash

If you want moisturized soft hands without compromising the anti-microbial actions Savlon hand wash is the way to go. This pocket-friendly hand cleanser range has three different variants for three different skin types. The variants are Double strength, Moisturizing shield, and herbal sensitive.

Price- Rs.49 for 175ml

Which are the Best Handwashes in India in 2019 ?

  1. Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Hand Cleanser

If you want to go all luxe and indulge in an ayurvedic hand wash this Kama one is a good option. It contains essential oils of rose and jasmine in a mild cleaning formulation. The formula is non-drying, smells great, and requires just a little bit at a time.

Price- Rs.975 for 200ml

Which are the Best Handwashes in India in 2019 ? 3

  1. Mysore Sandal Hand Wash

Popular soap brand Mysore Sandal also has an aromatherapeutic hand wash range containing two variants; Herbal and Pineapple. These washes have numerous essential oils and aloe vera in the formula and provide smooth and soft hands.

Price- Rs.75 for 250ml

Which are the Best Handwashes in India in 2019 ? 3

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