Is it difficult for you to get to the gym consistently? Or have you tried at-home workouts but are not seeing results? Feeling unmotivated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then working with a personal trainer might be just what you need.

A personal trainer can see your situation from an outside perspective and create a personalized training program for any fitness goals – such as weight loss, building muscle, and improving cardiovascular health. Trainers also provide support, accountability, and guidance on proper techniques.

Here are the 3 benefits of working with a personal trainer.

Solved: You don’t know where to begin

We all know that exercise is good for the body and mind but creating and sticking to a comprehensive exercise program consisting of cardiovascular, strength building, and improving flexibility can be daunting. And then fitting that plan into a busy schedule and knowing which exercises to do and how to do them can be completely overwhelming, to the point where we don’t exercise at all. A trainer can help get you organized with a plan and keep you on track.

Here’s How a Personal Trainer Can Help You Get Started:

  • Suggest which exercises are best your body, age, schedule, and your goals
  • Demonstrate and assist your movements to maximize results and safety
  • Help you choose exercises, reps, amount of weight, and frequency
  • Use techniques to help you manage intensity and boost your workout sessions

No more worrying about whether you’re doing an exercise right, doing enough, or too much. Your personal trainer has the details covered down to the weight, reps, and how often.

Solved: Despite your hard work, you’re not seeing any results

There are many situations where an exerciser is working hard and putting in a lot of time but not seeing the results they were aiming for. It can be discouraging. If this is you, then you could benefit a lot from a professional trainer’s instruction.

Re-Evaluate Your Fitness Routine and Goals

The first step with a personal trainer will be to evaluate your current goals and fitness routine. It is in this initial evaluation that a trainer identifies improvements to your workouts and to make sure your goals are realistic. After assessing, they modify your routine by adding in or taking away exercises, advising you on your goals, and helping you push yourself.

Adding Variety to Your Routine

Another cause of seeing limited results is a lack of variety. There is a saying among personal trainers – the best exercise for you is one that you’re not currently doing. And that’s because many exercisers do the same workout every time they go to the gym – hopping on a treadmill or doing the same weight training exercises. Doing a variety of exercises is a major advantage of working with a personal trainer. While you may know a few movements, a trainer can be familiar with hundreds. Adding additional exercises and variety to a fitness routine has been shown to provide significant positive outcomes.

Accountability is Important

Accountability is also a big part of making progress. For example, when you have an appointment with your boss, it is important to attend that meeting. It is the same with a personal trainer. They’re like your fitness boss. Knowing you have a scheduled appointment with a professional trainer can motivate you and keep you accountable. It’s easy to skip workouts or not push yourself when you’re alone and your own boss. Having a trainer there to challenge you and encourage you can make the difference between seeing consistent results and no results or even negative results.

Solved: You’re training for a specific event

One of the top reasons gym members work with a personal trainer is to be in peak shape by a specific date. Whether you are conditioning for a sporting event or trying to look your best for a reunion or wedding, working with a professional trainer can help you reach your goals faster and safer.

Establishing Milestones

If you’re training for something specific, a trainer can help you develop a plan by counting back from the event date and creating milestones. An important part of an event fitness plan is reaching milestones. So, if you’re trying to lose 20 pounds by a wedding date, having milestones along the way will help you stay on track with achieving your goal.

Personal Training at AFC Fitness

At AFC Fitness, our qualified personal trainers offer a wide range of expertise in fields like weight loss and nutrition, strength and conditioning, cardiovascular, natural body building, sports and running, and arthritis and mobility. They can work with you to create specific workouts, a practical training routine, and limit the risk of injury.

With constant feedback from your personal trainer, you’ll know exactly how you’re advancing – which can help you take your fitness to a whole new level!

We invite you to work with an expert trainer today at any of our Philadelphia metro area locations.

Personal Trainer at AFC Bala Cynwyd

Personal Trainer at AFC Feasterville

Trainer at AFC Radnor

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